I first met the lads in October 2018, and one could say it was a blossoming partnership and friendship from then on! Since then together we’ve worked really hard, the few notable things were a successful season in 2019 within the national series and outside the series and making it to Lausanne for the ITU World Triathlon Championships.

The lads have helped me get onto the podium and finish in the top 10 on numerous occasions now, notably overall podiums and age group podiums, which I didn’t deem possible before I worked with them. 2020 while it was a weird year, brought new PB’s on the bike and the run and more importantly a charity challenge that we worked together on, a 247km turbo ride in under 8 hours in aid of Aware Ireland.

Richie and Adam have a fabulous work ethic and a keen eye for detail, they’re always on the ball. Nothing is too much of a task for them, nothing is too big a deal. This is important for me as a nurse in A&E, I need coaches who are understanding and compassionate of the long hours and they are. I’ve no doubt in my mind the lads will get me to the elite level athlete I wish to become.

I cannot recommend them enough or thank them enough for the success we have so far seen in the last 2.5 years.


I’m no spring chicken and have a birthday with a zero in it next year. I’ve enjoyed running for past few decades, having run a few marathons and but with no real commitment or following training plans of any sort.

However, as one of my 2021 New Year’s resolutions I began training with Richie and Adam from Trident Performance with two firm intentions; the first was to get more consistency and accountability into my running week and the second being injury prevention. My running programme is made up of runs on 4 to 5 days a week with various distances and intervals involved.

Through the use of Training Peaks runs are uploaded instantly and feedback is always within an hour or two. To say that Trident Performance has transformed my running is an understatement. I broke 40mins for 10k for the first time within 12 weeks of training and am hoping for even better time soon. I am delighted with the written feedback from every run throughout the week and the fact that targets are set weeks ahead.

I would recommend Trident Performance to any runner like me that wants to see steady improvement with tailored running plans, responsive feedback, excellent running knowledge and injury prevention advice.”


Thumbs up for Trident.

Before starting with Trident Performance I really thought I was running at my body’s best ability. After a couple of sessions with lads I noticed so many positive changes in my running, overall fitness and my mindset towards running. Having a personal plan with feedback has worked really well for me. I now enjoy interval training and discovering my body’s ability. When I started with Trident I had set a goal for 5km and 10km time trials which I have now achieved, and so much more than my goal I set in the first place.

If someone told me the paces I can now run at, I would have laughed and never ever thought I would be able to achieve what I have achieved today. Adam and Richie are always so helpful with any questions and offer such great advice so quickly.

As a wise man once said ‘Happiness can be found right at your feet’ and this is exactly what Trident has to offer.


When the 3rd lockdown came along, I decided to challenge myself to an endurance event, the ACHILL half marathon. I had a very specific target for the event so knew I’d need some help as my background was in shorter interval based work previously with rugby.

I asked Adam & Richie (@tridentperformancecoaching) for some assistance. The service was great not only did I get my month laid out up front so that I could plan, I got feedback on each session and a review of the week before the next weeks sessions.

Having stuck to the plan with a few blips along the way (inevitably) – I smashed my target by a significant margin, completing the distance 15 mins faster than I had originally set out to achieve. I would highly recommend the lads if you’re planning any sort of endurance event, the service was top notch.

As a coach myself I know how much effort they put into me and the programming, thanks again lads and I’ll be back again once the golf season is finished!


I have been coached by Adam and Richie for over a year. Their tailor made running programme has transformed my training, helping me reach many PBs while avoiding my usual injuries. They have stopped me over-training while also providing a bit of tough love to get me out when the wind is blowing and the rain lashing.

Their professionalism and support could not be better. I can not recommend Trident Performance highly enough for any runner who is looking to get fitter, go faster and enjoy their training.


These guys are dedicated, knowledgeable coaches who draw from their experience as incredible athletes. I am still new to training but they are so patient and work out a specific plan for what I want to achieve. It doesn’t matter what level you are at, their friendly personalised approach is what makes me a better athlete.



When I qualified for the ETU Age group championships in Glasgow I knew I had to up my training.

The training I did with Adam and Richie was all pretty intense race-specific sessions and I was definitely put outside my comfort zone but it’s exactly what I needed. There was no way I could replicate the required intensity training on my own. We did a lot of brick training, trying to build up the running speed off a really hard bike.
In the lead-up to Glasgow, I had some of my best results in National Series races and various PBs in running and on the bike.
Having the accountability as well as the sessions was invaluable.

It was a great experience working with the lads, would highly recommend!


I’ve been competing in triathlon for 10 years and have tried lots of different training methods over that time. Adam and Richie from Trident Performance really brought a fresh approach however and I have never enjoyed training as much. They’re flexible but also have great attention to detail and tailor plans towards individual strengths and weaknesses as well as available time.

I won the National Series Triathlon Championship in 2017 and then had a very enjoyable year racing short course draft-legal triathlon. Now they’re helping me in transitioning to long-course racing and I’m learning new things all the time. I’m pleased to call them friends and recommend them unequivocally as top-class coaches.


In Dec 2018 I signed to do a half ironman in 2019… middle age crisis kind of thing. I was clueless about triathlon and the training required for it but sounded like a nice challenge, I knew I wanted to do ok but at the time I have rarely swam or riding a bike in years and all I was
doing was a bit of running.

I bought myself an online plan and started to try to put some structure to training but that didn’t really do it for me I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do in the workouts I didn’t understand the objective of them, and I was clearly heading for a refund.

Luckily, I met the lads early in 2019 and I haven’t looked back since then, the brought everything you expect from a coach, a structured plan tailored to suit your personal goal and a clear path for the journey ahead. They have the knowledge to explain what is necessary to do to get you there, always available for a call or a quick chat, always trying to find what triggers you to keep you motivated and engaged … I keep getting stronger and quicker I haven’t got sick neither injured, you need to put the time, but you need to put the time into the right training and that’s what the Trident Performance Coaching will give you.

Richie &  Adam are full of knowledge and always ready to help you to achieve the objective they are super friendly, and you know they are invested personally to get you there. I have really enjoyed working with them for the past 2 years and looking forward to smashing some PB when racing is back.


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